Monday, August 17, 2009

district 9 win at the box office first week

#1 "District 9" ($37 million)
#2 "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" ($22.5 million)
#3 "The Time Traveler's Wife" ($19.2 million)
#4 "Julie and Julia" ($12.4 million)
#5 "G-Force" ($6.9 million)
August is usually a sleepy month at the box office, with studios ending the summer season with films that aren't exactly blockbuster material. But this year has been a different story. Earnings are up 12 percent from last year, and the critically acclaimed "District 9" took the top spot at the box office. Relying largely on viral marketing, Comic-Con buzz and good reviews, Sony's sci-fi flick outperformed the studio's wildest expectations and brought in $37 million. The R-rated thriller has turned out to be a Cinderella story for producer Peter Jackson and its director, newcomer Neill Blomkamp. After their "Halo" project fell apart, the pair teamed up to remake Blomkamp's short film "Alive in Joburg" with a $30 million budget. With "District 9" sitting at #1, it's doubtful there are any "Halo" regrets for the filmmakers or the fans.

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